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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning in Westchester

CP is one of the greatest advocates for keeping the environment clean and safe. Humans need to preserve what is left of what seems to be left of nature. You would think that cleaning products needs to contain some kind of chemicals in order to kill germs. There is when you’re wrong.

We at CP care about your health and the environment. We offer cleaning services with eco-friendly products.

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Green Cleaning for Your Home

We at CP offer cleaning services that are kid friendly and health proof. All of our products are completely natural. A lot of companies now try to stay away from using toxic chemicals. We believe that every professional service should use natural products. Easily, in time, we can throw away the chemicals that have polluted the air, soil and our bodies.

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CP, a professional cleaning service, take a lot of pride in using ‘green’ products. Some of you think that green cleaning is using home products like lemon, baking soda or vinegar to clean your home. That’s where you wrong.

Don’t get us wrong, those home products are great. But, they might not be the most efficient choice. There are special green cleaning products that don’t contain toxic materials like artificial fragrances, chlorine, phosphates and artificial colors. Most of the manufactured green products are also biodegradable. So, once you’re done with them, they can be of services even when they degrade. Keep in mind that green products do contain some additives that are toxic but are far safer than the regular cleaning products. CP is a professional cleaning service that uses green products for small or big spaces.

We at CP care about your health and environment more than anything. Green products have the same effect if they are handled properly. Toxic materials in regular cleaning products damage your skin, lungs and your eyes.

Hire a green cleaning professional service like CP to make your business or residential home spotless in an eco-friendly manner. Make a difference today and be one of the pioneers that says no to deadly chemicals. Your children and your children’s children will thank you for it. Call CP today!