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People say that the windows are the soul of the house. They are a big focus point of any building, big or small. Windows come in all shapes and sizes. They are essential for bringing in light and setting the mood of your rooms. Windows tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and debris from the outside. Cleaning them can be a little more than tricky. That’s why we at CP are here to assist you and make your windows shining bright like a diamond.

Residential Window Cleaning

Did you think we won’t mention doing your residential windows? Don’t worry. CP can help you save some time and effort. Cleaning your windows can be dangerous and requires professional help. We work very fast and efficient. We will be out of your hair in less than a minute.

Residential Exterior Window Cleaning

CP experts want you safe and away from handling the ladder. We have gained enough experience to know how to handle cleaning higher windows. Make that glass shine again with the professional window cleaning service at CP.

Residential Interior Window Cleaning

Once we are done cleaning the outside windows, we move inside to do the interior windows. Your windows have to match to have that effect. Call CP today!

Cleaning windows has never been easier. Call CP and you will have them squakey clean in a matter of days. That’s why CP cleaning service is one of the best options for cleaning your windows. We are at your service.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We at CP understand what our commercial clients need. We as your professional window cleaning service will offer you: efficiency, quality and a safe environment for our workers. Our highly trained professionals are qualified to tackle heights , different sizes and configurations.

Small Commercial Window Cleaning

CP experts are a fantastic choice for cleaning your business’ windows. When it comes to cleaning your business’ windows, you have to be thorough. Windows are the first things your customer or client would see. We at CP will help you get more customers by making your windows spotless. CP covers everything from store fronts, boom lifts to office parks.

Interior Window Cleaning

Now that we have covered cleaning the windows from the outside, it’s time to clean them from the inside. People often times forget that windows get dirty on the inside as well. That’s why we at CP are here to help you with getting your indoor windows cleaned. We promise, you won’t know that we are there. CP does professional cleaning of interior windows, office partition glass and dusting high areas.